Baroness at Danforth Music Hall

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Danforth Music Hall Theatre | Toronto, Ontario


Can you think of a more brilliant way to spend one of your Sunday evenings this November, along at the outstanding, Danforth Music Hall Theatre of Toronto, Ontario, the premier pop act on the scene will be performing on he Toronto stop of the fall, 2023 US tour. Fans of Baroness have been so excited, it's going to be so energising, the second you enter the stadium! For entry to Baroness on Sunday 19th November 2023 it needs to be done in advance, simply follow the button when you scroll up that says 'get tickets'...and hey presto!

If you can only attend one live event this November then assure you go to at least one of the unsurpassed concerts hosted at Danforth Music Hall Theatre. Not only does Danforth Music Hall Theatre have in place some of the finest acoustics and lighting engineering to keep you closer to the action, it also includes a long list of features and benefits that you are sure to love. Do you want to enjoy the best in fine dining that Toronto has to offer? Then you can go to any of the unsurpassed restaurants, bars, and cafes just across the strees. Are you tired of stressing out about parking during your night on the town? Danforth Music Hall Theatre is just a stone-throw away of multiple secured parking garages and spaces. Make your Sunday night a unique one and book a ticket to visit Danforth Music Hall Theatre today!

Baroness at Danforth Music Hall Theatre

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