Bianca Del Rio at Danforth Music Hall

Bianca Del Rio Tickets

Danforth Music Hall | Toronto, Ontario

Danforth Music Hall is going to have a sell out crowd when Bianca Del Rio makes it to Toronto on Thursday 26th September 2019 for a once-in-a-lifetime concert. If you are a follower of the genre or adore the musical stylings of this band, then mark your calendars and clear your Thursday evenings and get ready for an smashing evening at the Danforth Music Hall. This group has a history of award winning shows with critics already calling them the premier act of 2019 and you get to experience them live in person for their September event. Tracks from their top 100, their favorite beats and a few surprises that we won't spoil here will all be played and sung for you from the premier venue in Canada. So get your Bianca Del Rio tickets now while numbers last, because once they are sold out, your opportunity to see this group will be gone.

Bianca Del Rio at Danforth Music Hall

After great demand, they're on their way to Toronto following their live concert circuit in Canada and across the nation. Bianca Del Rio are all geared up to rock this side of the city with a live music performance this coming September and you're invited! The Danforth Music Hall holds a huge crowd and capacity allowing the music venue to host such a in demand event. Do not be caught off guard this September. Arm yourself with killer tickets that will secure your place where you can just let your hair down, dance and bask in the music of Bianca Del Rio.

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