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Danforth Music Hall Theatre | Toronto, Ontario

Drive By Truckers

Join a night of incredible music with the celebrated Drive By Truckers at Danforth Music Hall theater in Toronto on Tuesday, 22nd October 2024. Famous for their hit songs like "Decoration Day" and "Surrender Under Protest", this band has captivated audiences throughout America. Don’t miss your chance to watch this insane performance LIVE!

The Drive By Truckers have been awarded rave reviews for their unique blend of southern rock and alt-country sound. With ticket prices starting from just $71, you can experience a night of world-class music without breaking the bank.

Drive-By Truckers 2024 Southern Rock Opera Revisited Tour

Attend the legendary Drive-By Truckers at the famed Danforth Music Hall theater in Toronto, Ontario, on Tuesday, 22nd October 2024. Drive-By Truckers will play in a epic line-up. Highlighting hits from their celebrated album 'Southern Rock Opera', this night promises to be fantastic.

Drive-By Truckers

The Drive-By Truckers, established in 1996, have earned renown for their thought-provoking Southern rock. Their album, 'Southern Rock Opera', dropped in 2001, is widely regarded as a magnum opus. The band will be performing this classic in full during the tour. Their recent release, 'Welcome 2 Club XIII', contains nine new songs with cover art by the late Wes Freed. This tour commemorates the reissue of 'The Complete Dirty South'.

Some of their most popular songs include "Zip City", "Let There Be Rock" and "Outfit". The band continues to be an epic leading figure in the rock scene - with a flourishing over a career spanning two decades.

Danforth Music Hall theatre Information

Located at 147 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, the Danforth Music Hall theatre is an excellent venue for LIVE performances. This beautifully restored theatre offers a total capacity of around 1,500. Well known for putting on a variety of shows, the entertainment venue provides an cozy concert setting. The Danforth Music Hall is also equipped to welcome patrons with disabilities. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the entertainment venue directly at 416-778-8163.

Ticket Information

Tickets for the Drive-By Truckers concert can be purchased for $71. We recommend you grab your tickets through the secure platform, "Ticket Squeeze". Act fast as availability is scarce. Click the “buy tickets” button today to lock in your spot at this captivating event.

Drive By Truckers at Danforth Music Hall Theatre

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