Jared Freid at Danforth Music Hall

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Danforth Music Hall Theatre | Toronto, Ontario

Jared Freid

Jared Freid is back in town and ready to force an uncontrollable laugh out of you....Thats right, another night of side splitting mayhem and bants this February! So the question is are you ready? If you do anything in 2024 let it be this! The epic Danforth Music Hall Theatre, Ontario, Toronto is lucky enough to be the host, so put Saturday 24th February 2024 in the diary and count down the days until the greatest and most hilarious night of the winter! Book early if you want the best seats in the house, because this is bound to be another sell out! Click 'get tickets' to grab yours today!

Make some time to go watch some live comedy this February, why wouldn't you? Get those funny feels, with some of the unrivaled giggles in the world, Jared Freid has won awards and is renowned for being probably the funniest comedy show to come to stage in the states! Jared Freid will make a pit stop in Ontario, Toronto on the winter, 2024 states tour. This side splitting evening will take place at the awe-inspiring and well known Danforth Music Hall Theatre, Ontario, Toronto on Saturday 24th February 2024. Danforth Music Hall Theatre is well known as a host for comedy shows and is in such an ideal location for the remainder of your night, just around the corner for the brilliant bars and restaurants, such an excellent venue! Tickets are in limited supply so buy some at your earliest convenience, this can be done straight from the comfort of right here! Easily follow the 'get tickets' button you will see above!

Jared Freid at Danforth Music Hall Theatre

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