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Danforth Music Hall Theatre | Toronto, Ontario


Knock knock, who’s there? It’s an announcement of an unforgettable concert performance by none other than Pvris at Danforth Music Hall Theatre in scenic Toronto Ontario on Wednesday Wednesday 19th June 2024. This unforgettable musical extravaganza is the talk of the town because fans know that Pvris has a history of producing unrivaled performances at every appearance thanks to their unrivaled stage presence, their unforgettable talent and passion, and their relentless energy. If you love great music, then you won’t soon forget this once-in-a-season premiere. So don’t miss out on what critics are predicting will be the can’t-miss show of 2024. Click the Buy Tickets button below while supplies last. Because if you don’t order your tickets in time, then you will miss out on the hottest event of the season.

Hey there, you music lovers! Are you ready to have your minds blown with an electrifying night? I'm hyped to tell you about the Pvris concert hitting the Danforth Music Hall Theatre in Toronto on June 19, 2024. It's going to be WILD!

Imagine the energy - the surging beats pulsing through your veins, the symphony of electric guitar riffs, and synthy undertones setting the air on fire. Pvris concerts are notorious for their mesmerizing lighting, heart-pounding rhythms, and a crowd that's more like family than fans. Lead singer, Lynn Gunn, with her powerhouse vocals is gonna serenade the heavens while the ground shakes beneath ya. Expect the unexpected; pulse-jumping sonic adventures, intimate ballads, and mosh pits mingling with fairylike synths. Gear up for a night where loss of voice is guaranteed because you'll be chanting every lyric like a prayer.

About Pvris

Pvris—not just a band, they're revolutionaries painting the canvas of modern rock with alternative pop and post-hardcore brushes. Their legacy? Heck, they've left critics gasping for air. Vocally, Lynn's like a siren luring you into the depths of musical ecstasy while Alex Babinski (guitar) and Brian MacDonald (bass/keyboard) drop riffs and beats harder than your ex's heart hitting the floor.

Live shows? A spectacle, my friend. Smoke machines, strobes, and a stage presence that’s a pure adrenaline shot to the soul. From the shivers you get during 'My House' to the wild thrash during 'Dead Weight,' a Pvris gig is a rollercoaster of feels. Accolades? Pssh. They've rocked stages from Warped Tour to Reading and Leeds festivals, with several awards snug in their back pockets. Trust me, experiencing Pvris live is a story you’ll boast about for ages!

Danforth Music Hall Theatre Information

The Danforth Music Hall Theatre is a gem tucked in the heart of Toronto. With its storied walls and a rep for hosting some of the most extraordinary nights, it's the place legends come to play. Its location, just a skip away from Broadview Station, is prime for both locals and out-of-towners.

Inside, it's intimate without feeling squished - perfect for connecting with the band and the vibe. They say the acoustics in the Danforth are so dope, you can hear the pick slide on a guitar string from the back bar. And speaking of bars, they'll keep your thirst quenched between headbangs. Just remember, the real magic of the Danforth is in the aura it carries - many heavy-hitters have held court on that stage, and Pvris is about to add their spirited flame to its history.

Ticket Information

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Pvris at Danforth Music Hall Theatre

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